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    European Languages for Business Professionals
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    Learning Styles
    People learn in different ways and at different rates. I support and challenge all students, wherever they are at in their own learning journey, using roleplays, gapped handouts, listening exercises, reading comprehension, interactive exercises, videos, internet materials.
    Authentic material
    I keep abreast of what is happening in the country of the language you are learning and use information from  web-sites, newspapers, text books and other sources to provide sessions that are topical and contextualised for students needs.

     Motivational teaching = Effective learning

    Bespoke language tuition for business professionals
    Languages for Business Professionals
    Bespoke courses to meet your needs
    German business etiquette is different to that in the UK. Learn about what to expect and what not to do
    Feel more confident in the business environment when dealing with owners, customers or suppliers based in French speaking countries
    Improve the everyday English, accent and knowledge of British customs of your non-native employees to fully benefit from
    their skills and expertise